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The amazing mirrored ceiling bookstore in Dujiangyan

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The amazing mirrored ceiling bookstore in Dujiangyan

The Shanghai-based architecture firm x+living has introduced an amazing bookstore design in the city of Dujiangyan, in the south west of China. The new store has mirrored ceilings and tall arc bookshelves. It generates a unique, mesmerizing environment where one can explore the wondrous world of literature and cultural heritage.

The irregular sequence of the shelving creates intimate spaces within the bookcase.

The characterizing signature of the x-living studio are the mirrored ceilings, which visually expand the space. The black reflective floor enhances the effect even more and the tables with books thus seem to “float” in space. The architects’ goal was to bring Dujiangyan’s natural scenery into the library, its rivers and mountains.
The play of mirrors and windows portrays the aesthetics of climate change: it presents readers with a changing and powerful artistic landscape that expresses awe for nature.

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