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FOCUS ON: Chinese Contemporary Artists


Huang Gang was born in Beijing in 1961.
He is a sculptor heavily influenced by the transitions and revolutions of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, manipulating traditional Chinese symbols for his own commentary on Westernization.

His father was an art history professor in Beijing, providing him with a generous insight into traditional Chinese art and calligraphy.

In the 1980s, Huang Gang developed an interest in traditional Tibetan culture, which inspired him to incorporate Tibetan methods and motifs in his work.

Huang Gang’s preoccupation with traditional Chinese and Tibetan culture comes as a response to the rapid socio-economic transformation in China throughout the 1990s. 

Recognized internationally, Huang Gang won the Ikuo Hirayama award in 1991 and the Silver Award at the 1st Beijing International Environmental Art Exhibition in 1995.

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