Activities and Ventures


The Institute started the realization of the first series of twinning in 1979. The first Italian twinning has been created between Shanghai and Milan, and it also remains the first in the Western world, because China had approved only seven, with Japan. Today there are forty-one twinning promoted by the Institute between Regions, Provinces and Italian cities with similar Chinese realities. Twinning fosters mutual knowing and gives important support for operational collaborations at various level, even with an economic-commercial nature.

Cultural trips

The Institute is committed to fostering the organization of trips and stays in China, arranging itineraries, reservations, tailor-made programs (sightseeing, cultural, economic, scientific, etc.). Before each departure and after each return, the Institute proposes meetings for information and promotion so that the experience of the trip would be an incentive for the knowledge of the places to be visited and to possible further socio-cultural insights.

Recognizing the importance that involves a trip to a country so far away, especially for people who go there for the first time, the Institute is committed to minutely prepare the trip and, at the same time, to prepare the traveller.

The adopted, and even tested, methodology consists of preventive meetings between participants with the aim of knowing each other and, above all, becoming familiar with the problems of the reality they are going to meet.

Activities, Courses and Services

The Institute organizes:

• Cultural events (exhibitions, meetings, study days) in Italy and in China;
• Chinese days and weeks, with various activities and agreed programs;
• Theater and musical tours in Italy and in China;
• Masters in design, art and medicine;
• Twinning between Italian cities, provinces and regions with similar Chinese realities;
• Subscriptions to Chinese magazines;
• Organization of tourist-cultural trips.

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