Category: Journey with us in China

The Institute is committed to fostering the organization of trips and stays in China, arranging itineraries, reservations, tailor-made programs (sightseeing, cultural, economic, scientific, etc.). Before each departure and after each return, the Institute proposes meetings for information and promotion so that the experience of the trip would be an incentive for the knowledge of the places to be visited and to possible further socio-cultural insights.

Recognizing the importance that involves a trip to a country so far away, especially for people who go there for the first time, the Institute is committed to minutely prepare the trip and, at the same time, to prepare the traveller.

The adopted, and even tested, methodology consists of preventive meetings between participants with the aim of knowing each other and, above all, becoming familiar with the problems of the reality they are going to meet.

Hong Kong-Changsha-Zhangjiajie

This is a special trip that will take you on the steps of the Qing dynasty and the Avatar film. First stop is Hong Kong city, a former British colony which is a mixture of modernity and tradition....

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Miao’s New Year Festival

The Festival of the Miao ethnicity was included in the list of non-material cultural heritage of China. It is a festival which occurs at different times in various regions of the country and aims to...

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Trip through the Chinese architecture

A trip through the beautiful Chinese architecture and some of the largest cities of the country. From Beijing, the “Capital of the North”, this trip will let you discover one of the dynasties...

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Trip through the Chinese art

An itinerary in close contact with Chinese art, from the ancient one in Beijing to the contemporary one of Shanghai. In Beijing, the magnificent Summer Palace, which is the summer residence of the...

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