Agreement with the China Fashion Association

On the 9th of July 2018 the meeting between the Presidents of the China Fashion Association, Zhang Qing Hui, and Italy China Institute, Cav. Lav. Mario Boselli took place. The Director General of the Institute Maria Rosa Azzolina was present as well.

President Boselli warmly welcomed President Zhang, expressing his desire to collaborate with the China Fashion Association, and from the Chinese side a cordial invitation was sent to Cav. Boselli to travel to Beijing during the fashion week in October.

The agreement follows the one previously signed by Mario Boselli with the China Fashion Association on 27/03/2011, during his presidency at the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. This agreement will have as its object different themes consistent with the aims of the Italy China Institute. 

Among the various topics, the main ones are: 

  • The development of a vision, a common strategy for Design, Fashion, Art, Museums, Theater, Music, Sport and cooperation between Italian and Chinese realities.
  • The organization of meetings for periodic – annual – monitoring to be held in the respective countries, possibly in the form of a forum.
  • The exchange of data and information regarding business opportunities, requests, sales strategies for products and services in their respective markets, useful for favoring promotion, investments, strategic alliances and business development.
  • Support, propose the presence of companies from their countries at trade fairs, trade missions, exhibitions, seminars and other promotional events in their respective cities.

On that occasion, the two Presidents confronted on the situation in the fashion sector, both in Italy and in China, agreeing that changes and upheavals are on the agenda.

President Zhang Qing Hui confirmed this trend also in China, in a scenario in which brands and fashion houses are bought by banks and private funds, others have entered the stock market.

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