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As evidence of the constant commitment of our Institute to the development of cultural exchanges between Italy and China, an important collaboration agreement was signed between the Italy China Institute and the illustrious Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Based on the contents of the agreement, the Institute will support the Academy in the creation of new relationships and in the management of pre-existing ones with high school and university teaching institutes in China that have shown great interest in conveying to the large audience of Chinese students the study proposals of this illustrious Italian reality.

The Chinese Institutes involved are both governmental and private, committed to the exchange of students between Italy and China and to a complete educational project that starts from high school level to post-graduate Masters and, as a working hypothesis, also aimed at possible and future double degrees with recognition of credits.

In detail, the collaboration programs identified and the related objectives already activated are:

• Student training programs with lectures by visiting professor from the Academy in China

• Teacher training programs on topics identified by both sides to be carried out both in China and in Italy

• Summer programs specialty courses for Chinese students’ introduction or specialization

For more information and registration:

Here is the direct link to the Brera Academy of Fine Arts website.


The Brera Academy Guide 2021

The complete guide for 2021 is online on the Brera Academy website.   

At this link you can visit the Brera Academy  website. 

At this link you can visit the page dedicated to future students, with direct links to the 2021 Guide in Italian, English and Chinese. 

The Brera Academy Guide 2021 in Chinese is available directly below: 

Useful contacts for Chinese students

The Brera Academy of Fine Arts, following the Open day for Chinese students on the 29th of July 2020, reminds Turandot students that for enrollment in the Academy and in the obligatory Preparatory Course they can request all the information at the references indicated below.
We also remind you that in order to attend the Academy courses, a level of the Italian language adequate to the current regulations is required. Further information on levels and language courses can be requested from the contacts indicated below.



Tel: +39 0258315481

WeChat: +8610 65179697 – +8610 65188196






电话:意大利+39 0258315481
中 国+8610 65179697 – +8610 65188196

微信:+86 18310516889

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