Category: Organized and Supported Events

Since 1979, the Italy-China Institute have been realizing a series of twinning that, with time, have given the opportunity to support important operational collaborations at various levels, even with economic-commercial nature.
It is in this perspective that the Institute starts to support important projects that seem to go beyond the initial objectives.

In 2015, on the occasion of Expo Milano, the Institute has activated a series of events and artistic, design and cultural operations, that gave visibility to attractive Chinese realities in Milan by creating a real channel of communication between the two countries.

The strength of these new operations consists in the ability of offering collateral services and support levels that exceed the standards generally provided by other Italian counterparts.
Uninterrupted relationships from 1987 of communication and collaboration with the Chinese government, and the knowledge of our Italian reality are a valuable help in the organization of high-importance cultural and institutional events.

Peasant da Vincis

Where: Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo, Milan When: September 2015-January 2016 The last and most incredible achievement has been the exhibition Peasant da Vincis in Milan, created by the...

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The Great Canal

Where: Piccolo Teatro Strehler, Milan / Teatro Argentina, Rome When: July 2015 On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Italy, and EXPO 2015, thanks to the...

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Xiang: Home, Taste, Creativity, Sharing

Where: Expo Gate, Milan When: May 2015 Following the appreciation and the success of the first exhibition and still with the support of Italy-China Foundation and with the support of the Italy-China...

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