G20 YEA China-Italy Forum – Sustainability and Brand Globalization

On November 23rd, the esteemed Sala Pirelli at Palazzo Pirelli, headquarters of the Lombardy Region, hosted the “G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance China-Italy Forum – Sustainability and Brand Globalization” conference. Co-organized by the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance and the Istituto Italo Cinese, the event was designed to foster cultural integration, underscore the significance of sustainable development, and strengthen international partnerships.

The G20 YEA China-Italy Congress provided a remarkable platform to delve into pivotal topics of our era, encompassing globalization, technological advancement, and the incorporation of sustainable practices. This occasion facilitated the exchange of perspectives between representatives of young Chinese entrepreneurs and their Italian counterparts. The initiative significantly contributed to fortifying the bond between the two nations, promoting closer collaboration and a constructive dialogue within the global entrepreneurial landscape.

Distinguished representatives from Lombardy’s political organizations and institutions, including Regional Councillors Carlo Borghetti and Sergio Gaddi, and the National Vice President of Confidustria, Alessandro Somaschini, attended the event. The presence of esteemed academic guests such as Pierfrancesco Fumagalli, Emeritus Doctor of Ambrosiana, Maria Luisa Trussardi, Professor at Sapienza University in Rome, and Alessandro Coscia, archaeologist, and representative of the Pinacoteca di Brera, enriched the dialogue on cultural projects inspired by the relationship between Western and Eastern cultures.

Their interactions with young Chinese entrepreneurs Xiaoning Lyu, Secretary General of G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance China Council, and Thomas Ma, Country Manager of Xiaomi Technology, aimed to identify specific needs and promote collaboration between the two cultures. Additionally, Luca Sheng Song, founder and president of China Power, provided a testimonial with his personal story interviewing both China and Italy, emphasizing the necessity of economic integration for common growth.

The diverse and illustrious participants offered valuable insights for today’s world, inspiring initiatives aimed at appreciating diverse traditional cultures.

The Istituto Italo Cinese emerged as a cultural bridge between two historically rich peoples, underlining the crucial synergy between entrepreneurial communities. This collaboration not only addresses contemporary challenges but, more importantly, projects towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

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