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FOCUS ON: Chinese Contemporary Artists – SHUIFA HE

He Shuifa is a Chinese artist, he was born in Hangzhou in August 1946.

He graduated in 1980 from China Academy Of Art, Department of Chinese Painting birds and flowers Postgraduate courses.

Source: http://shuifahe.com/

Shuifa He’s flower-and-bird painting is based on Chinese tradition but they are also full of innovation.
His big freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese flower-and-bird painting breakthrough in the aesthetic values, starting from the modern concept of formal beauty.
In his painting the line and surface overlap, cross, combined. His use of the Chineseink, color, water and their penetration, the interpretation of shape line color rhythm, generates an harmony of beauty.
He Shuifa has built up a new spirit of Chinese in art realm.

Source: http://shuifahe.com/

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