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FOCUS ON: Chinese Contemporary Artists – SONG DONG

Song Dong is a Chinese artist, emerged from a strong Chinese avant-garde performing arts community and developed into a significant contemporary art figure in the progression of Chinese conceptual art. 

Source: PACE Gallery

Song Dong explores themes of memory, self-expression, impermanence, and the transience of human endeavors.

His practice encompasses performance, installation, video, sculpture, painting, and calligraphy, often combining mediums within a single work.

Source: Rockbund Art Museum

The installation “Through the Wall” challenges the notion of a boundary as impenetrable. It refers to tangible and intangible walls – virtual, political, and cultural, among others.

“Through the Wall” Source: PACE Gallery

The installation is composed of salvaged door and window frames from houses in Beijing, many of which made up the historic hutong neighborhoods that are increasingly being destroyed in favor of new construction.

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