Peasant da Vincis

Where: Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo, Milan
When: September 2015-January 2016


The last and most incredible achievement has been the exhibition Peasant da Vincis in Milan, created by the artist Cai Guo Qiang and curated by Rockbund Museum in Shanghai.

The exhibition comes from a very clear concept, which also clearly links artworks to the chosen location; the artist expressed it in the following sentences: “The flight has always been Leonardo’s passion, and it perfectly embodies a part of my research. The work of these farmers has something in common with machines of Leonardo, which is reduced to a single, but immense one characteristic: they can’t actually take flight because they bring with them the dream to do so, without taking any connection with the harsh reality into consideration.

The partnership with the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo created an event that would put together the perfection with the vision and the spirit of the exhibition and its artists, because beyond bringing the name of the great genius whose works are inspired to, it is a place that has always been interested in the approach of everyone – children, youth and adults – to the world of science, with a pinch of art and creativity.

In addition to the structure installed in the cloister, the exhibition has been expanded to another space – within the museum as well -, the one located in Via Olona, ​​where a series of dynamic and interactive machines and robots were displayed. In this same space, in collaboration with the educational department of the museum, a series of workshops aimed at children were organized.

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