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FOCUS ON: Chinese Contemporary Artists – NINI

Nini is the pseudonym of a young Chinese artist (NieJingjing) whose artistic experience is placed within contemporary Chinese Abstract Expressionism.

Courtesy: NINI

Her paintings are a materialization of a “joyful fantasy”.

The artist’s vision is guided by the pictorial gesture and organized by a subtle, complex network of emotions, memories and daydreams.
Signs and colors translate into sequences of spontaneous images that give us back the meaning and appearance of Nini’s inner world.

Courtesy: NINI

“Chinese Abstract Expressionism” indicates a pictorial practice that freely transforms the original geometries of abstractionism through the spontaneity of the gesture of the body (as it happened in calligraphy) and the free and emotional imagination of the artist.

In the summer of 2017 in the ancient Sala del Cenacolo of the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci was held the pardon exhibition of Nini entitled “Fantasy” and curated by Giovanni Iovane with the collaboration of the Istituto Italo Cinese.

Courtesy: NINI

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