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寒露 (hánlù) – Cold Dew

寒露 (hánlù) – Cold Dew

Source: Baidu

寒露 (hánlù), the 17th solar term of the year fell on the 8th of October.

By this time, temperatures will start dropping all over China.

This season is perfect for 石榴 (shíliú) pomegranates which are ripe during Cold Dew. 寒露 is also the perfect time of the year to eat hawthorn’s berries, whose extracts have been used for a long time in herbal medicine. During this season people will start picking up camellia seeds! Drinking chrysanthemum wine 菊花酒 (júhuā jiǔ) is also quite common during, as chrysanthemum is the iconic flower of Cold Dew. 寒露到了!

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