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The Red Beach

FOCUS ON: Curiosity from China – The Red Beach

Panjin, located in China approximately a six-hour drive from Beijing, is home to the stunning Red Beach. But contrary to the name, there isn’t any sand here.

Every autumn it magically turns a beautiful red color due to the seepweed species that grows there and can absorb high levels of saline.

During the spring, the seepweed starts out as a shade of green, but throughout the summer, it gradually changes color, becoming a deep red hue by fall.

While waiting to be able to return soon to travel and explore, we suggest you to go and visit it in October to fully enjoy the show!

PANJIN, CHINA - AUGUST 19: Aerial view of people walking on a bridge at the Red Beach featuring Suaeda salsa in Dawa county on August 19, 2019 in Panjin, Liaoning Province of China. (Photo by Cai Jingyu/VCG via Getty Images)

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