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FOCUS ON: Chinese Contemporary Artists – QIU XIAOFEI 

Qiu Xiaofei is a representative figure of China’s New Generation artists .

Qiu Xiaofei takes a cognitive approach to painting, focusing on the effects that color and visual images have on the mind and consciousness.

His current multi-disciplinary work combines drawings with sculptures and act as a chronological recorder of the artists’ history.

Qiu Xiaofei, Roundabouts, 2018 © Qiu Xiaofei – Source Pace Gallery

As he explores various parts of his memory or “thought diversions” as Qiu Xiaofei calls them, they allow him to delve deeper into his “procedural, subconscious and personal experiences.”

In these two artworks, Farewell 1 and Farewell 2, enigma-like figures and landscapes emerge from the gloom.

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