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FOCUS ON: Chinese Contemporary Artists – Ai Jing

Ai Jing is a chinese contemporary artist, native of Shenyang, Liaoning Province.
Ai Jing took up painting in 1999 and learned from contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang, and then she moved to New York to study contemporary art.
In June 2013, she became the first contemporary artist to held solo exhibition in the National Museum of China.

Ai Jing My Mom and My Hometown (2012). Image courtesy of Ai Jing Studio.

In May 2014, “LOVE AIJING: Love of Ai Jing” became the first contemporary art exhibition of the newly opened China Art Museum of Shanghai.

Ai Jing keeps alive her itinerant exhibition with more and more interesting edition. Her work was set up also at
Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy on 2015 with the exhibition titled “DIALOGUES”.

Ai Jing, To da Vinci, 2015 Photo: courtesy the artist

A curiosity about the artist:

Ai Jing’s fame began as a singer-songwriter who produced five albums of her own music, as well as numerous EP albums and singles. During the 1990s, Ai Jing’s unique style was popular throughout Asia. Known as China’s most talented folk singer, her Mandarin songs broke records for overseas sales and she has staged several successful concerts in Japan and other countries.

Ai Jing Ai Pray (2015). Image courtesy of Ai Jing Studio.

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