Sharing Design: Utopia of Culture Makers

Where: Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan
When: April-May 2015

Thanks to the partnership with China-Italy Design and Innovation Center (CIDIC), a design and dialogue platform based in Hunan, the Institute brings to Italy the Sharing Design Project: Utopia of Culture Makers. The exhibition aims to recreate cultures and lifestyles from different cultures and regions, to share the experience of direct producers, their instruments, economic and development models of these small realities.

The entire exhibition is the result of close collaboration between designers from different cultures, generations and artistic disciplines.

A section of the exhibition, entitled New Channel, provides for the use of multimedia tools including video productions, audio and interactive projects with which the designers wanted to recreate life and culture of the Dong ethnic group of Tongdao County, in Hunan Province located in central China.

The project was developed during four summer camps, held since 2009: the involved designers have spent a month in contact with the local population, and during their stay they made video documentaries, collected recordings of local music, and redesigned typical products of that culture, in order to get the specific cultural “code” of the Dong ethnic group.

Ultimate goal of the project was to support the development of the region in different areas – natural, social and cultural – and to increase public opinion on the protection of cultural heritage in China.